People are the grass roots of Anglesea

Anglesea is facing an uncertain future with a lot of change proposed. It is important for everyone who cares about Anglesea, to be informed and engaged to ensure that Anglesea remains a place we all enjoy living in.

Collectively, we have one chance to determine the future of our town so be sure you get involved and have your say.

This website is put together by the people of Anglesea because we love our town and community and believe our lifestyle is worth protecting. Its purpose is to promote a positive dialog within the community and provide everyone with access to information that influences the decisions that are being made about our future.

We wish for the views of the community we live in to be heard and represented by those decision makers who determine the future of our place. In order for that to happen, we need to come together to make our voices heard.

This website is managed, contributed to and moderated by volunteers who all live locally and care about the impact of change on our local environment. If you would like your voice to be heard or you would like to participate and engage with the community you live in, join the chorus of the Anglesea Community and get engaged. A small step you can take right now is tell your neighbours and your friends about this website.

We are looking for volunteers to help build this community resource - if you would like to be involved register your interest here

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  • Chom the Cat
    I am thoroughly disappointed at the direction the current state Labor govt. has been taking in regards to the environment. Our natural heritage is not for sale! Boosting jobs figures and driving industry in our state does not have to mean clearing land and building high density housing estates. The govt. needs to be brave and steer our state towards a sustainable and renewable future where our natural assets are protected and preserved for future generations, biodiversity, and climate stability.

    Leave the bush alone.