Where the bush meets the sea - The Anglesea Structure Plan 2012

Many people may not know that Anglesea has a clear vision as detailed in the Anglesea Structure Plan 2012

The Plan subtitled `Where the Bush Meets the Sea’ was put together in conjunction with town leaders and provides the vision and planning intent for Anglesea for the next 20 to 30 years.

The Vision for Anglesea is noted as:

“The vision guiding the future of Anglesea is to see Anglesea remain a small coastal village offering a harmony of permanent and non-permanent living for all, in a healthy, sustainable environment”.

Additional comments note:

“The primary role of Anglesea is as a seaside holiday resort and home for permanent residents. The coastal location and natural features, including the Anglesea River, beaches, parks, nature reserves and Anglesea Heath, are a drawcard for recreation and tourism. While Anglesea is not a designated growth node, unmanaged growth or overdevelopment has the potential to impact upon the existing town character, tourist appeal, coastal landscape and bush setting as well as the sense of place and community pride”.

Read it for yourself here - Anglesea Structure Plan 2012

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